Post-Service Employment: Best 1st Steps

You’ve served your country. That’s no small thing: the US and your fellow Americans are better for it and, in a bunch of ways—some of which you may be aware and some others which you’ll come to realize later in life—so are you.  But now it’s time to write the next, equally significant chapter in the story of your life.  Where, and how, to start?  If, after completing your military service, you’re now calling Southern California home, ArmedForce2Workforce is here to try and help. 


Maybe you know generally the direction you want to take but don’t know exactly where to start.  Maybe you’re not quite sure how best to market yourself and find that good, career-oriented job that will set you on your way.  Maybe, after three to five years in the very different, very specific environment of the military, you just don’t know exactly how to get started. All of these scenarios are not only very possible, but generally pretty likely.

As you may have come to realize by now, having gotten out of the service and started your search for work, the Southern California job market can be a tricky one.  Unlike some other parts of the country, including places you may have been stationed during your service, there actually isn’t a great deal of military-oriented industry in this region, and what little there is tends to be very specialized (aerospace, military high tech), so that the skills and experience required for specific positions as they come open tend to revolve around advanced degrees or highly technical prior work experience.  Another thing you might have noticed, against the backdrop of the publicity generated by a host of recent “Hire Our Veterans” initiatives, is that of the companies participating in these programs, very few are based out of Southern California or have substantial presences in this region that entail entry-level hiring.

So that’s not all very encouraging, is it?  Probably not.  But looking at it another way, it’s less important to consider how may total companies or jobs there are in Southern California than to focus on the fact that you’re really only looking for one—a good one, one that harnesses your talents, rewards your efforts, and takes you in the direction you want to go.  What then, considering this is where you’ve decided to make your post-service home, is the best place to get started?  Well, the first step, as you’ve probably been told more times than you wanted or needed to hear, is to get a good resume together.  That in itself can be a pretty daunting task.  Especially if you’re not totally sure of the exact job you’re looking for or how to best go about finding it.

At this point in your search, not only can Af2Wf help you, but you can help us.  Here’s how—we’re committed to doing whatever we can to helping solve the riddle of post-service employment for young Southern California military veterans.  The first step in our plan for doing that is to put together a database of talented, qualified veteran job seekers, and by doing so create leverage to go out to So Cal employers and sell them on both the benefits and ease of considering pre-screened, qualified young veterans for positions in their organizations as they come open.  This will allow us to address the other side of the veteran employment coin: the ironic fact that hiring managers from so many companies in Southern California, as elsewhere, like the idea of hiring a veteran, but don’t really have a great basis for effectively targeting vets for job openings as they come up.  That’s the gap we’re trying to fill.  And you can be a part of that.  With that in mind, we want to help you put together the best, most useful, ass-kickingest resume possible, which can serve both you directly and via Af2Wf, thereby increasing your odds of interviewing for and landing the best possible job for you.