Great Reasons to Hire a Young Vet

If you’re involved in the hiring process for your company, why not take full advantage of one of the greatest resources in the American labor market today? We’re talking about young veterans, of course.  They’re trained, they’re tested, and they’re more than ready and willing to come to work for you.  Best of all, Af2Wf will do the outreach and screening for you.

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Here are a few compelling reasons to hire a young veteran into your organization:

  • Character: the character-building inherent in military training and experience combine to make veterans better employees
  • Effectiveness: as a result of their experience in mission-oriented environments in which teamwork and efficiency are absolute necessities, veterans are disciplined, follow processes well, and operate safely
  • Proven Success: veteran hires bring a history of prior achievement, a commitment to shared values, and fitting in well to an organizational culture
  • Resiliency: veterans, especially those who have served in recent military operations, are used to demanding work environments, as well as to changing schedules and frequent travel
  • Loyalty: veterans are intensely committed to the organizations for which they work, which can translate into longer tenure and greater contributions to your organization over the long haul
  • Public Relations Value: companies hiring veterans have derived substantial marketing/PR value
  • Your Bottom Line: in addition to federal tax credits and other benefits that can add up to well over $6,000 per new hire, you’re getting a young employee who already knows the full meaning of performance and achieving success
  • It’s The Right Thing to Do: these young men and women risked their lives to defend our country. All they’re looking for now is a chance to continue contributing, and your company can share in the benefit of giving them the chance they so richly deserve

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