Our Mission

ArmedForce2Workforce is a non-profit initiative dedicated to assisting young veterans in their search for rewarding, career-oriented employment in Southern California following their separation from the United States military.

At the center of the Af2wf concept is the recognition of two distinct but complementary truths: that young veterans who have served their country in war deserve the best possible support as they return home to re-start their lives in the civilian world; and that the training, discipline, and dedication that recently separated service members have gained in their service to this country can be equally valuable to civilian employers of all kinds.

After more than 10 years of continuous conflict in two wars, and under pressure from ongoing budgetary and political issues, the United States is in the process of winding down combat operations and making reductions to the military overall. The recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq- and the War on Global Terror generally—have brought with them a set of conditions and stresses that are very distinct from earlier wars.

Encouragingly, many of the complex issues facing the current generation of veterans are finally starting to be fully acknowledged and thoughtfully addressed. These include acknowledgement and treatment of stress-related after-effects, rehabilitation of traumatic injuries which would have proven fatal in earlier wars, and overall movement toward a more holistic approach to veterans’ issues, as well as recognition on the part of the nation at large of the bravery and sacrifices which today’s generation of soldiers brought to the cause. Of course, in order to succeed fully, current massive backlogs will need resolution, public support and continued attention are going to be critical for many years to come, and Af2wf is grateful to all of the various efforts and organizations dedicating themselves to the cause.

For young veterans who have recently served, the experience of being stopped in airports en route to or from deployments and thanked for their service was a common one. Ironically, many of those same young vets, having now safely completed their military service and having now returned home, too often find themselves vainly in need of that same sort of support as they look to convert their military training and experience into career-oriented employment in the civilian sphere.

Af2wf aims to help fill that gap by providing personal assistance to young veterans and matching them members with civilian employers and jobs that leverage the many ways, both specific and general, that will allow these fine young men and women to apply the skills and experience they gained in the military to add spirit and value to any organization.