How Af2Wf Works

Young veterans currently face some of the highest unemployment rates of any group in America.  This is particularly unfair, considering their recent service to our country during a time of war and great uncertainty.  And this is especially unfortunate, considering the talent, discipline, and commitment that young vets bring to the civilian workplace.

If you’re a young veteran who has recently left the service, you’re probably all too aware of just how hard it can be to find your footing in the civilian economy, despite all of the recent, high-profile veterans’ initiatives and expressions of gratitude for your bravery and service.

If you’re an employer who is aware of what young veterans can bring to the workplace, and who is interested in considering young vets for positions in your organization, you’re probably aware that finding qualified vets to interview when positions come open can be harder than you might assume.

Building Bridges Between So Cal Employers and Young Vets

ArmedForce2Workforce is committed to helping.  Our mission, plain and simple, is to do whatever it takes to make direct connections between young Southern California military veterans and local regional employers, in order to unlock the value of these talented young men and women as they make a successful transition from military service to career-oriented civilian employment.

We don’t host job fairs.  We’re not a for-profit recruiting agency.  What we are is a charitable initiative dedicated to bridging the current gap in veteran hiring initiatives by directly connecting pre-screened young veterans to employers in Southern California looking to simultaneously streamline their hiring efforts while receiving the full advantage of hiring young vets and all they have to offer.


At the core of the Af2Wf approach is a systemic yet personal approach to both sides of the hiring equation. On one side, through a range of outreach and support programs, Af2Wf connects with young So Cal vets and works directly with them to ensure that they are properly prepared and equipped for an effective job post-military job search.

Through a phased approach, Af2Wf works with young vets to first help them craft a personal résumé that accurately and succinctly conveys their skills, experience, and objectives, then continues with active career counseling and job search support, to include personal coaching on developing interviewing and self-presentation skills.

On the other side of the hiring equation, we at Af2Wf are aware of the challenge facing companies in the Greater LA, who are positively inclined to give young veterans a chance, but who may lack the resources or the time to create a dedicated veterans hiring program on their own. Af2Wf makes it easy for Southern California employers through our ongoing outreach programs which allow us to engage, qualify, and deliver pre-screened young veterans for positions as they come open, with greater efficiency and lower costs than employers can often find on their own.