About That DD Form 214…

Don’t currently have a copy of your DD Form 214 verifying successful completion of your military service? That’s okay, let’s get you started on creating a good, solid résumé how anyhow. Keep in mind, though, that in order to complete the Af2Wf résumé creation process, as well as participate in the overall Af2Wf job search assistance program for young vets, we’ll need a copy of your DD Form 214 by the time we get to those steps.

Why is submission of a DD Form 214 required to participate in Af2Wf programs? In addition to wanting to do right by former members of the military, many of the employers with whom we are working have agreed to consider young veterans for open positions for which they might be a good fit may be eligible for a combination of state and federal tax benefits in the event they do hire a veteran, so it makes good sense to get that administrative detail handled before we get too far into the process (more generally, obtaining a completed copy of your DD Form 214 is a good idea, since you’ll also need to provide it as part of other important and worthwhile things, such as applying for a VA home loan, joining veterans’ organizations, and securing other veterans’ benefits for which you may be eligible).

By clicking here and continuing with the resume creation process, you acknowledge that you understand that and commit to obtaining a copy of your DD Form 214 as soon as practical, and prior to any job interviews we may arrange on your behalf.

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