For Employers

You’re a Southern California employer (or a hiring manager for one), and you’re interested in or open to interviewing young veterans for open positions.  That’s cool, good for you and thanks for making your way here, however you got here (and we’d love to know how, of course, although that can wait for later).  Like so many Americans, you’re justifiably grateful for the service of our young men and women over the past several years, and the great work done collectively by the various branches of the US military in making America safer, despite the hardships and the risks.

But if you’re like so many of the other Southern California employers we consulted prior to starting Af2Wf, you’re also aware of two facts: first, despite all you’ve read about veteran hiring initiatives, and despite all the wonders of the Internet Age, it’s actually not such a simple thing to find, screen, and interview young veterans for jobs as they come open, which is to say when you really need them.  Job fairs tend to be expensive, and may not fit into your resources or hiring process.  Internet job boards and Craigslist ads tend to produce quantity though not necessarily quality, more often than leaving you with simply trading out one problem (how to find good applicants) with a another (how to screen a huge pile of applicants).

And as you’re also aware, either generally or more specifically, military veterans make great entry-level employees (for a list of reasons to hire young veterans, click here).  If you’d like to take advantage of the value that young veterans can bring to your organization by interviewing pre-screened veteran candidates matched to your hiring needs, we would very much like to help.