Our Mission

Af2wf is committed to providing effective, personalized job search and placement assistance to young veterans who have recently completed their military service and returned to Southern California. You served your country with courage and distinction. Now that you’re back home in Southern California...

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Challenges Facing Young Vets

No single group of Americans has risked or sacrificed more over the past decade than the youngest members of the United States’ armed forces...

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Benefits of Hiring a Young Veteran

The United States military is one of the most demanding and performance-oriented organizations in the world. Today’s technology-intensive, goal-oriented military training produces highly motivated individuals who set high goals for themselves and have learned how to achieve them...

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I’m a Young Vet

I’m a young, recently separated military veteran in the process of looking for full-time, career-oriented employment in Southern California. Show me how Af2Wf can help me with:

I’m an Employer

I’m a SoCal-based employer and I’d like to learn more about how my organization can benefit from hiring young veterans. Show me how Af2wf can support me with:

I’d Like to Help

I’m neither a young vet nor a SoCal-area employer, but I want to help create maximum opportunities for young veterans returning to the civilian workforce after serving their country.